Space News Archive - May 05, 2011


NASA’s Gravity Probe B (GP-B) has produced astonishing new confirmation of two key predictions derived from Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity, which the spacecraft was designed to assess.


Early Wednesday in the skies over Mojave Air and Spaceport CA, the world’s first commercial spaceship, SpaceShipTwo, made a milestone glide-test flight and demonstrated its unique reentry ‘feather’ configuration for the first time.


Whenever someone proposes to do something that has never been done before, there will always be skeptics.


The team exploring Mars via NASA's Opportunity rover for the past seven years has informally named a Martian crater for the Mercury spacecraft that astronaut Alan Shepard christened Freedom 7.


You may have heard the news: Comet Elenin is coming to the inner-solar system this fall.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden issued this statement Thursday, May 5, about the 50th anniversary of United States human spaceflight.

NASA has selected three science investigations for a potential 2016 mission that would look at Mars' interior for the first time; study an extraterrestrial ocean on one of Saturn's moons; and study in unprecedented detail the surface of a comet's nucleus.

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