Space News Archive - May 14, 2012

NSF Gathering To Highlight Cubesats On May 24th

Scientists, engineers, educators from cubesat projects will showcase their projects at NSF headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

Former NASA Investigator On The Hunt For Missing Moon Rocks

A Houston lawyer is on a mission to identify and possibly recover moon rocks that were brought back to Earth and then subsequently lost after being loaned to scientists, museums and agencies throughout the world.

Russian Satellite Takes 121 Megapixel Image And Video Of Earth

A Russian weather satellite has taken a 121 megapixel image of planet Earth, over 22,000 miles above the surface.

ESA Teaming Up With Amateur Astronomers To Spot Near Earth Objects

The European Space Agency (ESA) is reaching out to amateur astronomers, asking for their help in discovering potentially dangerous space rocks.

ESA Fixes Proba-1 Satellite

ESA was recently able to make a software fix and get its veteran Earth-observing micro satellite Proba-1 back into full operation.

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