Space News Archive - July 12, 2012

Tropical Storm Daniel was once a hurricane and now a rapidly weakening tropical storm as a result of moving over cooler waters.


Scientists announced on Wednesday they have discovered the smallest moon yet, orbiting around the dwarf planet Pluto.


There are satellites for nearly everything out in orbit now-a-days, including some that are meant just to provide measurements of the surface temperature of oceans and seas.


A team of scientists from the U.S., Japan, France and Canada were interested in seeing how C. elegans reacted to living in weightlessness.


Virgin Galactic hasn't even taken a tourist to space yet, but the company is already expanding its means by partnering with Planetary Resources to launch tools into space.


Richard Branson announced on Wednesday at the Farnborough airshow near London that he and his family would be on Virgin Galactic's first trip into space.


The Hubble Space Telescope has helped scientists unravel the mystery of the extremely faint dwarf galaxies.

Looking Into The Heart Of A Supernova

Caltech simulation points out how to detect a rapidly spinning stellar core

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