Space News Archive - July 04, 2012

The most common ailment to affect a horse is lameness.

Doppler Techniques Could Help Predict Solar Storms

Scientists are using Doppler techniques that may be able to take predicting space weather to a new level and understanding.

NASA has signed a new partnership with Craig Technologies of Melbourne, Fla., to maintain an inventory of unique processing and manufacturing equipment for future mission support at the agency's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

XMM-Newton Captures The Beating Heart Of A Newborn Star

ESA's XMM-Newton has helped to reveal the violent behavior of a young Sun-like star spinning at high speed and spewing out super-hot plasma.

NASA Launching New Sun Observing Spacecraft Thursday

While the nation shoots off plenty of fireworks for the Fourth of July, NASA will be sending off its own rocket the next day.

Climate Is Just One Factor in Wildfires

It's shaping up to be a fiery summer across the United States.

As Ground Radars Switch Off, SMOS Satellite Measurements Improve

Over a dozen radio signals that have hindered data collection on ESA’s SMOS water mission have been switched off.

Running On Fumes

When you consider the cost of launching a satellite, it’s small wonder that ESA is looking to keep them working as long as possible.

ESA’s Mission Control Ready For Launch Of MSG-3

Europe’s new meteorology mission is set to soar into space on an Ariane 5 from Kourou on 5 July.

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