Space News Archive - July 07, 2012

Google+ Virtual Star Party Brings Astronomers Together

Astronomers across the globe have been taking advantage of Google+ Hangouts, conducting virtual star parties with fellow night-dwellers.

Suomi NPP Begins Direct Broadcast

Real-time data that will be used in everything from weather forecasts to disaster response is now being beamed down to Earth from a cone-shaped appendage aboard the nation's newest Earth-observing satellite.

Finest Mirrors Ever Made For HI-C Sounding Rocket Mission

On July 11, NASA scientists will launch into space the highest resolution solar telescope ever to observe the solar corona, the million degree outer solar atmosphere.

Heavy Rainfall In Tropical Storm Daniel's Center Seen By NASA's TRMM Satellite

NASA's TRMM satellite revealed that Tropical Storm Daniel's most concentrated rainfall is occurring around the storm's center.

Worms In Space Live Longer Than Their Earthly Counterparts

Scientists have reported in the journal Scientific Reports that spaceflight could help a microscopic worm live longer.

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