BSN Nitrix 2.0 Bodybuilding Supplement Now Available from Supplement Edge

August 28, 2013

Supplement Edge BSN Nitrix Nitric Oxide supplement online at discounted prices. Full details are available at http://www.supplementedge.com

Portland, Main (PRWEB) August 28, 2013

Supplement Edge is now offering BSN Nitrix online at discount prices. Sports medicine is more complicated than most people give it credit for. Ancient Greeks believed the key to weightlifting swole-ness was meat and wine. Rocky Balboa ate raw eggs (movie makers might’ve skipped the scene where he got salmonella). For serious weightlifters looking for better results, there’s one answer: BSN Nitrix.

What exactly do Nitric Oxide tablets do in the body? They enlarge the veins to allow greater blood flow, which means greater oxygen movement, which means more power. To wit: BSN NITRIX® 2.0 is the latest advancement in concentrated nitric oxide precursor formulas, designed to support pumps, endurance and performance. The key to the NITRIX® 2.0 formula is the inclusion of 3 grams of the amino acid L-citrulline, a precursor to nitric oxide.

In other words, it’s the ultimate booster for anyone looking to lift, grow, and recover.

Supplement Edge breaks from the pack of imposters and pretenders. It doesn’t rely on junk science like the ab electrocutor, the all in one gyms based on rusty Chinese fenders, or celebrities wearing headbands and gabbing about “the burn”. Instead, it focuses on solid chemical science: turning increased nitric oxide (NO) into a YES.

Supplement Edge seeks to help customers break down the invisible walls holding them back.

SE (based in Portland, Maine) also wants to help customers for the best price possible. To that end, they’ve created an online store and fulfillment system that can help customers receive packages within a week of order. They even help our troops stay in fighting shape (although shipping and clearance may take longer due to military mail precautions.)

Reviewer Russell Jensen gushed, “As soon as I hit the gym my muscles pump so full of blood it felt like they were trying to tear out of my skin.” Bodybuilding is about working hard as much as it is about feeling great, and BSN Nitrix gives both: hard hitting power, great feel, and the results far better than meat and wine. (Of course, those can be enjoyed after the workout, and they’re better than raw eggs!)

Please allow 48 hours after any package has shipped before seeing movement through the USPS or UPS system. Customers can visit http://www.supplementedge.com 24/7.

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