November 18, 2008

Jury weighs charges in UNC robbery

A judge has ordered jury deliberations to start in the trial of a man who allegedly tied up and robbed three drunken North Carolina football players.

The fate of Michael Troy Lewis, 32, of Durham, N.C., was placed Tuesday in the hands of 10 women and two men who heard testimony in a Hillsborough, N.C., courtroom about the incident last December in which police found the inebriated trio tied up in a Chapel Hill, N.C., apartment.

The News and Observer newspaper in Raleigh, N.C., said the athletes' names weren't being publicly released due to allegations of sexual assault.

The newspaper said Lewis told police that the players had invited him and two female companions to their apartment for a sexual encounter. But after being tied up, an unclothed Lewis allegedly helped himself to a laptop computer, video games and other items in the apartment.

Lewis' attorney said in closing arguments Monday that the alleged victims were too intoxicated to give police a consistent story.