November 25, 2008

York College wrestler files herpes lawsuit

A former U.S. college wrestler suing his York College coach says the coach allowed team members with open herpes sores to participate, violating NCAA rules.

Andrew Bradley and two teammates have filed suit against the school and their former coach, Thomas Kessler, saying his actions in 2006 resulted in their infection with herpes simplex 1, a chronic condition, ABC News reported Tuesday.

Bradley alleges he caught the virus wrestling on a mat with an infected teammate who had been allowed to participate after taping over his herpes lesions, something that violates strict NCAA rules demanding that all herpes sores be healed before re-entering competition.

Kessler refused to interviewed by ABC, but school officials issued a statement saying, Yes, the college is aware of the allegations, and we believe them to be without foundation. We have no further comment.

Active herpetic lesions cannot be covered to allow participation, Jim Thornton, athletic training liaison to the NCAA Wrestling Rules Committee, told the broadcaster. I don't care if they're on six days of medication. You can't just cover them to allow them to participate.