December 8, 2008

Mother of UCF’s Davis confirms ailment

The mother of University of Central Florida running back Brandon Davis, who collapsed last week, says her son suffers from acute kidney failure.

Davis' mother, Donna, said her son, who collapsed while working out at the Orlando university, is hospitalized in very serious condition, the Orlando Sentinel said Monday.

They're still monitoring his heart, and now they're monitoring his liver as well, the UCF player's mother said. He is being tested extensively. They've called in two more specialists. His condition is still very serious.

A UCF statement confirmed that Davis, who rushed for 68 yards on 24 carries this season, had been taking part in a rigorous workout Wednesday at a university weight room when he collapsed.

We became aware on Thursday that Brandon had a serious medical condition that had developed during the course of the Wednesday workout, the school said. To our knowledge, the workout was a rigorous out-of-season workout and, according to staff, not atypical of a college football conditioning session.