December 16, 2008

3-D College Football Coming Soon

There is a possibility that college football live in 3-D will be coming to a theater near you.

After a test broadcast of an NFL game two weeks ago, 3Ality Digital said Tuesday that it had won the contract to shoot the Jan. 8 BCS National Championship game in 3-D.

The Florida and Oklahoma game will be broadcasted live in 3-D to 80 to 100 theaters in about 30 U.S. cities, said David Modell, 3Ality Chairman.  The price of tickets are expected to cost $18 to $22, according to Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp., which is working with 3Ality to deliver the broadcast to theaters.

"We will take what we learned from the NFL shoot and apply it to this so this broadcast gets better," said Modell, 47, former president of the Baltimore Ravens.

There are still some glitches to overcome that were found during the test. 

During the test game between the Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers, the broadcast went black twice before the half as the satellite signal went down.  Also, some camera moves had people in the audience crossing their eyes and removing their polarized lenses.

Audiences generally approved of the technology, which adds depth to the field and gives a sense of being there in person.  Shots of cheerleaders were a big hit.

"There's been lots of post-morteming," Modell said. "Mostly it's been warm handshakes, hugs and backslaps for having done a good job."

The format will be roughly the same as it was during the test screening, which had eight 3-D camera crews beside their 2-D counterparts, and a separate set of commentators.


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