January 8, 2009

Titans now have fight song — ‘Titan Up’

The Tennessee Titans, heading -- they hope -- for the AFC championship game, now have an official fight song.

Titan Up was created by three men with good credentials in the music business, The Nashville Tennessean reported.

Wayne Kirkpatrick is a Grammy winner best known for Change The World, while Chris Harris is a writer-producer who has worked with Loretta Lynn, Stevie Ray Vaughan and CeCe Winans. Matt Huesmann, also a writer-producer, is involved in contemporary Christian music.

The song is appropriately fierce:

"You can hear us, up in the stands/Roarin' like a marchin' band/Beatin' the chairs, stompin' the ground/The place is on fire.

"Smash and Dash doin' their thing/Movin' the ball, movin' the chains/Drivin' it home, into the zone/Down to the wire.

We've come this fire, we'll push on through/And do what we were born to do (So Titan Up).

The Titans have a 13-3 record for the season so far, tying their previous franchise record for wins. They have home-field advantage during the playoffs, including Saturday's game with the Baltimore Ravens.