January 12, 2009

Grand jury to study Clemens’ testimony

A federal grand jury will examine pitcher Roger Clemens' denials of drug use during testimony before Congress, sources indicated Monday.

ESPN.com reported witnesses may be subpoenaed as soon as this week. The report said the grand jury examination could put the seven-time Cy Young Award-winning pitcher in danger of a possible indictment and prison time if it's proved he lied under oath.

This is an opportunity for vindication, said Earl Ward, an attorney for Clemens' former trainer, Brian McNamee.

Clemens is suing McNamee in civil court. The former Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees trainer told investigators he had injected Clemens with steroids and human growth hormone during the pitcher's playing career.

McNamee's attorney said Clemens should drop the lawsuit and focus on whatever allegations and charges are coming against him now.

Clemens' attorney, Rusty Hardin, told ESPN.com he had no knowledge of a grand jury.

In his Feb. 13, 2008, appearance before Congress, Clemens testified under oath that McNamee was not telling the truth.