Cyclist Piepoli banned for 2 years

January 26, 2009

Italian authorities said cyclist Leonardo Piepoli has been banned from the sport for two years after using drugs during last year’s Tour de France.

The country’s anti-doping tribunal said blood samples taken July 4 and 15 established that Piepoli, 37, had been using Mircera, a banned drug that boosts production of red blood cells, during the July 5-27 race, ANSA reported Monday.

Piepoli was fired by his cycling team, Saunier Duval, on July 18, and his former team leader, Riccardo Ricco, 25, received a two-year ban after he was ejected from the Tour de France July 17 for using Mircera.

Ricco could face criminal charges in France, ANSA reported.

Source: upi

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