July 5, 2005

Boston’s Schilling frustrated with rehab progress

RALEIGH, North Carolina (Reuters) - Boston Red Sox WorldSeries hero Curt Schilling says he is frustrated with hisrehabilitation progress from an ankle injury.

Schilling allowed five runs on eight hits in five inningsof pitching with the Pawtucket Red Sox Monday.

"I didn't pitch well. I did a lot of things wrong today.It's frustrating," Schilling told reporters.

He said he would meet Boston officials before anydetermination was made about his return to the major-leagueteam.

"That (return) ends up when, all the physical questions,you've answered them all and it's just a matter of going topitch," Schilling said. "Those aren't all ironed out for meyet."

Schilling, who is recovering from November surgery andsubsequent bone bruise and stress reaction in his right ankle.said his ankle felt fine. He is troubled, though, by the lackof consistency of his fastball.

"I've been hurt before, I've come back before. I've been insituations where it was really tough for me to get mybreaking-ball feel back, my split, whatever. But it was nevermy fastball," Schilling said.

"Right now, I just don't have a feel for my fastball. Ithrow one 87 (miles per hour), I throw one 93, and they feelthe same."

Schilling bruised the ankle on April 23 and has been on thedisabled list since then.

He became a hero to Red Sox fans for pitching, first in theAmerican League championship series, then the World Series,with a bloody ankle from a ruptured tendon sheath. Doctorsstitched the tendon in place so he could pitch.

His blood-soaked sock is now in the Hall of Fame.

"There's two options here," Schilling said of hisrehabilitation. "Quit or move on. I'm not quitting."