March 17, 2009

Keenest hockey fans oppose fighting ban

A poll of Canadian hockey fans shows a great divide on the issue of fighting in the NHL, with the keenest fans most eager not to ban it.

Of the 1,004 fans polled online this month by the Angus Reid agency for the Toronto Star, those who considered themselves hardcore fans, 63 percent opposed a ban.

However, across the board and including those who said they weren't hockey fans, 61 percent overall said fist fights should be banned in professional hockey, the Star said.

Those who described themselves as only casual or non-hockey fans, tended to be more educated, older and include more women than the hard-core fan group, the Star said.

There's a significant divide between those who say they're hockey fans and non-hockey fans, said pollster Mario Canseco.

The poll also found a generational divide, with those over 55 less interested in watching fights than the younger respondents.

No margin of error was published for the poll.