April 21, 2009

London’s 2012 Olympics project on track

International Olympic Committee officials visited London's 2012 Winter Games site Tuesday to see what progress has been made in construction in the past year.

The Times of London said that despite the recession remarkable progress has been made in building the site since the IOC reviewed it last year, when there was little activity and mounds of contaminated soil.

The report said the 17 IOC members would see 4,000 workers in place on the 500-acre site, building an 80,000-seat stadium and an aquatics center.

However, the $13.6 billion project does have recession-related problems, the Times said. Among them is a decline in the number of private investors for a $520 million media center, which the British government has agreed to nationalize. There is also little private support for the $1.5 billion athletes' village, the newspaper said.