April 23, 2009

Reports: Olympic diving hopeful bullied

British teen Tom Daley, an olympic diving hopeful, has been the target of taunts by bullies, two London newspapers said Thursday.

The Telegraph reported that Rob Daley, the father of the 14-year-old diver, is considering removing his son from Eggbuckland Community College in Plymouth because of constant jibes and the childish name-calling and antics of his fellow pupils.

A report by the Daily Mail said Tom Daley has been called Speedo boy and that bullies have threatened to break his legs.

Tom Daley has been kept away from school this week and did not attend two days before the Easter break because his father felt the bullying might affect his form at the FINA World Series competition in Sheffield.

Although Tom had not said anything, I could tell by his somber mood when he came home from school over the past few months that something was wrong, the boy's father said.