May 1, 2009

Guy Lafleur guilty of false evidence

Former Montreal Canadiens star Guy Lafleur was found guilty Friday of giving false evidence in court related to a September 2007 bail hearing for his son Mark.

LaFleur, 57, had testified that his son was at his father's home, but police produced receipts showing the younger Lafleur had spent two nights in a hotel with a 16-year-old girlfriend, the Globe and Mail reported.

A provincial Quebec Court judge ruled that that Guy LaFleur had lied.

Mark LaFleur, 24, is serving 15 months' house arrest after pleading guilty to 23 counts of drug, drunken driving and assault charges, 13 of which involved his ex-girlfriend, the Canwest News Service said.

Guy Lafleur's conviction means he will have a criminal record and could be sentenced to as long as 14 years in prison, the Globe said.