May 24, 2009

Cowboys’ consultant faked credentials

A man involved in fixing the Dallas Cowboys' now-collapsed practice facility faked his educational credentials, The Dallas Morning News reported Sunday.

The consultant, Jeffrey Lawrence Galland, who advised a company that made major structural reinforcements to the mammoth tent-like practice facility which collapsed May 2, also served federal prison time for his role in a violent drug trafficking gang, the newspaper reported.

The Morning News said its investigation revealed that Galland, engineering director of a Las Vegas company called JCI, actually has no engineering license. He also does not have a bachelor's degree in physics from Eastern Washington University as claimed, and has not done graduate work at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, as listed in his credentials.

Galland reportedly teamed with Summit Structures, a Canadian company that built the Cowboys facility in 2003, to oversee extensive reinforcements to it last year.

The facility's collapse this month during a thunderstorm left one Cowboys employee with a broken neck and another permanently paralyzed, the Morning News said.