June 16, 2009

IOC may suspend Kuwait from Olympics

Kuwait's Olympic committee was threatened with suspension Tuesday by international Olympic officials because of alleged interference by Kuwait public officials.

The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee, in a release, said the National Olympic Committee of Kuwait would be suspended effective Aug. 1 unless Kuwaiti law is changed to become compatible with the principles and rules of the Olympic movement.

The IOC release said Kuwaiti law prevents the NOC and the Kuwait Olympic Movement as a whole from complying with the principle of autonomy of sports organizations as set out in the Olympic Charter.

Kuwait was given until midnight July 31 to change the law or have the suspension take effect. The suspension would bar Kuwait athletes and officials from participating in Olympic events.

The IOC said, despite a two-year effort to find an appropriate and concerted solution with Kuwaiti authorities, the IOC was informed that the government authorities were not in a position to respect their commitment within the set deadlines.