July 10, 2009

Judge: No women ski jumping in 2010 games

A Canadian provincial supreme court ruled Friday Vancouver's Winter Olympics organizing committee was not at fault for banning women from ski jumping in 2010.

In a 42-page ruling, British Columbia Supreme Court Judge Lauri Ann Fenlon said the International Olympic Committee was guilty of gender discrimination by eliminating women's ski jumping competition, but it was beyond her court's jurisdiction, The Province newspaper in Vancouver reported.

A group of 15 former and current women ski jumpers sued the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee known as VANOC, alleging discrimination under Canada's Charter of Freedom and Rights.

Fenlon was sympathetic in her ruling, noting there will be little solace for the plaintiffs, but dismissed their appeal.

VANOC did not make the decision to exclude women's ski jumping from the 2010 Games ... VANOC does not have the power to remedy it. her ruling said.

She noted male ski jumpers were being allowed to compete because the IOC considers it a traditional Olympic sport, the report said.