July 23, 2009

Report: Sandberg in court for ex player

Baseball Hall of Fame infielder and minor league manager Ryne Sanderg has testified on behalf of one of his former players in a court in Dayton, Ohio.

Pitcher Julio Castillo from the Dominican Republic is on trial in Montgomery County (Ohio) Common Pleas Court after being indicted on two counts of felonious assault for throwing a baseball that hit a fan in the head during a brawl last July 24 at a game between Dayton and Peoria.

The Dayton Daily News said Sandberg had gone to Cooperstown, where he was to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Julio knows he made a mistake and would have willingly plead guilty to a misdemeanor, but he's not a felon, Sandberg said while explaining Castillo's character. I don't know why the prosecutor's office is spending the resources of the Montgomery County taxpayers and pressing this. I don't condone any kind of retaliatory behavior.

Wednesday, Eduardo Priego, a former Montgomery County jail prisoner and a witness for the prosecution, said Castillo admitted throwing at Peoria players because he was angry.

Priego also spent time in the Butler County jail facing deportation for moral turpitude, but said he was not given help for his deportation problems.