July 29, 2009

Fighting champ admits anarchist graffiti

Jeff Monson, a mixed martial arts champion, faces a possible 90 days in jail for spraying anarchist graffiti on the Washington State Capitol.

At a hearing Tuesday, Monson pleaded guilty to first-degree malicious mischief for painting an anarchist symbol at the capitol, an act captured by a photographer for ESPN's magazine, The Olympian reported.

Monson also entered an Alford plea to spray painting at a military recruiting center in Lacey. With that plea, he conceded no guilt but acknowledged he would probably be convicted at trial.

David Bruneau, the prosecutor, said he would recommend a 90-day jail term. He said Monson must also pay more than $19,000 in restitution for damage to the capitol building in Olympia and $2,880 for cleaning up the recruiting center.

Monson, 38, an avowed anarchist, grew up in Olympia. He was on the wrestling team at Oregon State and won the 2004 heavyweight Cage Warriors Fighting Championship title in Sheffield, England.