August 6, 2009

NCAA takes aim at single-game betting

States that enact laws permitting single-game sports betting will not be allowed to host collegiate championship events, the NCAA announced Thursday.

The move directly affects only Delaware, which recently passed legislation that allows betting on individual sports events.

A federal law passed in 1992 forbids betting on individual amateur sports games. But Delaware, Nevada, Montana and Oregon were exempted because they had some form of betting on amateur sports when Congress enacted the law.

Delaware, however, did not have single-game wagering on its books until recently, and the NCAA insists that the state's new law was not covered by a grandfather clause in the 1992 federal law.

The University of Delaware Blue Hens, a Division I-AA football powerhouse, had the third highest average home football attendance in the division last year.

Delaware has won three national championships and has been host of 22 post-season football games.