August 11, 2009

Prince says K-State knew of buyout deal

The former president of Kansas State University is denying he knew about a side deal on a $3.2 million buyout negotiated by head football coach Ron Prince.

Jon Wefald rejected Prince's contention that Wefald and other school officials were aware of a secret buyout agreement when they fired the coach at the end of last season.

Wefald told the Kansas City Star he stood by statements made in the spring in which he said no one at the university knew about the buyout deal that had been struck by Prince's agent and then-athletic director Bob Krause.

Kansas State is suing Prince to get the money back. They contend the buyout deal was negotiated without the university's blessing.

The Star said Tuesday that Prince filed three counterclaims to the lawsuit Monday that include the contention that Krause assured Prince's agent that he had the authority to negotiated the buyout, which makes the entire employment contract fraudulent.

The Star noted that Prince is due as much as $4.4 million in buyouts in exchange for a three-season record of 17-20 and is also seeking $3 million in punitive damages.