August 11, 2009

Woman sues over men dodging tennis matches

A North Carolina woman says she is being discriminated against because members of a men's tennis league won't play her.

Nancy Griffin used to run her male counterparts ragged in the Raleigh men's league, but contends in a lawsuit that the city unfairly changed the rules three years ago so her male victims could dodge matches with her.

One said he had a jealous wife, and he couldn't play females, Griffin told The (Raleigh) News & Observer. Another said he heard I made people run too much.

Until three years ago, the league had penalized players for refusing to take part in a league match.

Griffin, one of the top-ranked players in North Carolina, says because she plays fewer matches, she had a harder time accumulating points to move up in the challenge ladder format.

The city had no comment, but one gentleman who has played Griffin in the past confirms she is, indeed, better than a lot of the men in the field.