August 11, 2009

USOC in Colorado Springs for 30 years

The U.S. Olympic Committee will stay in Colorado Springs for the next 30 years under an agreement approved by city officials Tuesday, the USOC said.

The Colorado Spring City Council voted 8-1 to approve construction of USOC headquarters and new offices for governing bodies, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported.

All told, USOC-related projects will cost more than $50 million, some of it coming from private sources, city officials said.

Norman Bellingham, USOC chief operating officer, said the organization takes great pride in making its home in Colorado Springs, where it has been based more than 32 years.

We deeply value the relationship we've built up and that exists within this community, he said. This is where the Olympic movement has been in the United States for the last 30-some years, and we're excited that it will remain here for 30-some-odd more years.

The USOC board has already approved the deal.