August 14, 2009

Other driver blamed in Phelps crash

Baltimore police say a traffic collision involving U.S. Olympic swimming star Michael Phelps was caused by a female driver in another car.

Police said Thursday's night traffic accident in Baltimore took place after an unidentified female driver of a Honda Accord drove through a red light and struck an SUV driven by Phelps, The Baltimore Sun reported Friday.

The female driver received minor injuries in the crash, while Phelps and his two unidentified passengers were not injured.

Police department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Phelps was not given a Breathalyzer test after the accident despite the fact the Olympic swimmer pleaded guilty to driving under the influence charges in 2004 in Wicomico County, Md.

There was no need, Guglielmi told the Sun. He was completely coherent. He was cooperating with police. He have a witness statement as to what occurred.

It remains unclear whether the woman blamed for causing the accident would face charges for traffic offenses.