August 27, 2009

Study says team in red has the edge

Competitors who wear red win 10 percent more often than those dressed in other colors, no matter the sport, a German study indicated Thursday.

Experts say they believe red could make individuals and teams feel more confident as well as being perceived by others as more aggressive and dominant, Britain's Daily Telegraph reports.

The findings could help explain why red-clad soccer powerhouses Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal have been so successful, the study says.

United and Liverpool won a record 18 league titles, while Arsenal had an uninterrupted run in the top flight for longer than any other team.

England's victorious World Cup team in 1966 wore red, instead of its usual white. England has not won a World Cup or European Championship since.

The study, by German sports psychologists at the University of Munster, was reported in New Scientist magazine.

If one competitor is strong and the other weak, it won't change the outcome of the fight, said Norbert Hagemann, who led the study. But, the closer the levels, the easier it is for the color to tip the scale.