September 23, 2009

Titans sued by former player

Former Tennessee Titans wide receiver David Givens alleges in a $25 million lawsuit the NFL team withheld pertinent medical information from him.

The (Nashville) Tennessean reported Wednesday that Givens accuses Titans officials of failing to provide him with the results of an examination he underwent with an orthopedic surgeon prior to his signing with the franchise in March 2006.

The lawsuit alleges Dr. Tomas Byrd, an independent doctor, detected a medial femoral condyle defect in one of Givens' legs that could hinder the wide receiver from playing an entire NFL season.

After signing with the Titans, Givens injured his knee in November 2006 and has been unable to play professional football since, the suit alleges. The Titans released Givens, 29, in February 2008.

It's emotional and physical, and the idea that his career was cut short ... . The issue is what could have been done better and was there some kind of malpractice or negligence, agent Brad Blank, who previously represented Givens, told The Tennessean.