July 15, 2005

Michelin begin U.S. ticket refund process

LONDON (Reuters) - Michelin began the process of refunding
U.S. Grand Prix ticket holders Friday after tire failures
turned last month's race into a six-car fiasco.

Michelin North America and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
(IMS) said all those who had bought race day tickets for the
June 19 event were eligible.

Some 120,000 fans attended the race and details of how to
claim were provided through the U.S. Grand Prix Web Site

"If the United States Grand Prix at Indianapolis is
included on the 2006 Formula One schedule, Michelin will also
purchase 20,000 tickets to that event," said a statement.

"These tickets will be made available to fans that
purchased tickets for the 2005 race."

The seven Michelin-contracted Formula One teams withdrew
from the race after being advised not to compete by the French
manufacturer following tire failures in practice.

Tests found that the tires could not withstand the stresses
of the final banked corner. A request for a temporary chicane
was vetoed by the sport's governing body for sporting and legal

The threat of sanctions against the teams was lifted on
Thursday after they presented new evidence to the International
Automobile Federation (FIA) in Monaco.