August 23, 2005

Ex-football star Phillips charged with assault

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Former football star Lawrence
Phillips, who was arrested earlier this week for driving his
car through a group of men and boys after an argument, was
charged with assault on Tuesday.

Phillips, a star running back at the University of Nebraska
whose pro career was cut short by run-ins with the law and
coaches, faces seven counts of assault with a deadly weapon,
two counts of child abuse and one of hit and run, prosecutors

He could face more than 13 years in prison if convicted on
all of the charges.

Prosecutors said Phillips, who had been playing pick-up
football with a group of boys and men between the ages of 14
and 24, ran his car into three of them after an argument. The
three boys were treated for their injuries at a local hospital.

Phillips was dismissed by the Miami Dolphins after he was
charged with striking a woman in a nightclub. He was already
being sought by police in San Diego when he was arrested in Los
Angeles on Sunday.