September 16, 2005

Toms released from hospital

NEW YORK (Reuters) - American David Toms was released from
a Pittsburgh hospital on Friday and said he will play in next
week's Presidents Cup despite being forced out of the 84 Lumber
Classic with chest pains and rapid heartbeat.

Toms sent a scare through the golf world on Thursday when
he was taken to hospital after suffering from what appeared to
be a heart attack midway through his opening round at the
Mystic Rock Golf Course in Farmington, Pennsylvania.

Toms, ranked number 11 in the world and an 11-time winner
on the PGA Tour, was placed on a stretcher and transported to a
local hospital as a precautionary measure before being
airlifted to Pittsburgh's UPMC-Presbyterian University Hospital
where he was admitted in critical condition.

He remained in hospital overnight and was released on
Friday saying he was returning to the 84 Lumber tournament.

Doctors have diagnosed Toms's heart condition as
Supraventricular Tachycardia, which is a general term for any
rapid heart rate originating above the ventricles.

It is a non-life-threatening condition that can be either
treated with medication or cured with minor surgery.

"First let me thank all the doctors and staff at
Pittsburgh's UPMC-Presbyterian University Hospital," said Toms
in a statement on the David Toms Foundation website.

"They were outstanding and I don't think I could have
received better care anywhere.

"I also want to thank Mr. Hardy and the tournament staff of
84 Lumber. His kindness and compassion is truly remarkable.

"I also want to thank all the people who have offered
prayers and support during the last 24 hours. Your
encouragement has meant a lot."

Playing the back nine first at Mystic Rock, Toms appeared
in severe distress when he collapsed to one knee on the first
tee, his 10th hole of the day, clutching his chest.

He attempted to get to his feet but after a few steps
dropped to his knee again and remained their until he was
treated by paramedics.