October 24, 2005

Player to have wedding ring cut off after breaching rules

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Perth striker Damian Mori will have
his wedding ring cut off his finger this week after he was not
allowed to take the field in an A-League game at the weekend.

In accordance with league rules, Mori was told to remove
the ring by referee Mark Shield prior to kickoff for his side's
match against Melbourne on Sunday.

The 35-year-old was unable to do so, even drawing blood as
he attempted to remove it, and Perth began the match with 10
men before Mori was replaced by Brian Deane in the fifth

Deane scored his first goal for the club in Perth's 2-1

Mori said he had not known he was in violation of the
rules, as he had played while wearing the ring in previous

He said match officials had not checked if players were
wearing jewelry during the team's warm-up.

"It only happened two minutes before the start of the game,
I mean our referees never came in and checked," he told the
Australian Broadcasting Corp.

"I've played the last four games with this ring ... I've
actually played the last 11 years with the ring on. I didn't
know there was a rule there.

"We tried to take it off, the ring doesn't come off, it has
to be cut off.

"We didn't have the tools to cut off and then he (Shield)
just wouldn't let us play."