October 28, 2005

San Francisco stadium likely to get new name again

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The San Francisco Giants
professional baseball franchise has had the same name for
nearly half a century but they will likely soon rename their
ballpark for the third time in three years.

The Giants own and operate what is now called SBC Park, a
much beloved stadium south of downtown San Francisco.

SBC Communications Inc. acquired naming rights to the
ballpark from Pacific Bell, which had paid $53 million to put
their moniker on the ballpark before it opened in 2000.

Now SBC is acquiring AT&T Corp. in a $16 billion deal and
will adopt AT&T's name to become the largest U.S.
telecommunications company.

Giants spokeswoman Staci Slaughter said on Friday that the
team does not yet know how the name change will affect its
ballpark. "At this point we're not sure," said Slaughter. "No
decisions have been made."

Slaughter declined to comment on how much it cost to switch
the ballpark's name on signs, letterhead and business cards for
a new "SBC Park."