December 2, 2005

Rahlves exacts measure of revenge on Miller

By Steve Ginsburg

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado (Reuters) - American Daron Rahlves
exacted a measure of revenge on compatriot Bode Miller,
reversing the order of last year's downhill at Beaver Creek.

Rahlves finished first on a fog-shrouded Birds of Prey
course on Friday, edging runner-up Miller by just 0.27 seconds.

"Last year I wanted to step up and win back-to-back races,"
said Rahlves, who won the 2003 downhill at Beaver Creek. "That
would have been pretty impressive. I gave it all I had but Bode
stepped up and was a little quicker.

"For us to do this again, in reverse order, it's just
awesome. You can never expect something like that. We knew we
were coming in here with a lot of speed and we weren't going to
give up anything.

"I'm glad I could pay him back for last year."

Miller, who skied out during the super-G on Thursday, said
he thought his team mate deserved the win."

"He definitely got something back this year. I skied as
well as I could ski on any given day. This could have been a
winning run for me today and Daron somehow stepped it up and
took the win," the overall World Cup champion said.

"We both came out with huge intensity on this hill. It
suits our abilities really well. I think this was a good model
of what a ski race is supposed to be."

Poor visibility forced organisers to move the start almost
1,000 feet down the course.

Eliminating the course's flat opening helped Rahlves, a
superb technical skier.

"That's probably the one section I don't like here at
Beaver Creek, the 32-year-old said. "I prefer right from the
brink down. But wherever we started today, it wasn't going to
matter. I was ready to race."

"Coming across the line and having the crowd erupt like
that and seeing I was in the leading position at that point was
a good feeling. I knew I hammered and put it all down and put
every effort I could into that run."

Rahlves, who won in a time of one minute 13.37 seconds,
conceded there were some tense moments waiting for Miller to

"Bode was just right there," he said. "He definitely made
me watch the clock closely. It was tight."

"It didn't matter if it was snowing or foggy or blowing, we
were just going to come out and give the best effort we could.
And that's what happened today.

"For us to come out and own this hill again, one-two was
just great.

"I was rooting for Bode for second place all the way,"
Rahlves added with a laugh.