June 19, 2006

The crook, the police, the wife and her ticket

MUNICH, Germany (Reuters) - The tale of a bungling World
Cup ticket thief who got his just desserts turned out on Monday
to be an accidental invention of German police.

Munich police had released a statement about the "audacious
thief" who snatched a woman's handbag, found the ticket inside
and sat down to watch Brazil play Australia on Sunday -- only
to find himself next to her husband, who alerted the police.

But a police spokesman later said the statement had mixed
up two different cases -- one of which did involve a Brazilian
woman having her handbag and ticket stolen -- and the encounter
between thief and husband never took place.

"It was a mistake...In the course of the investigation we
realized we had mixed up things that didn't belong together,"
he said.