July 10, 2006

Barbaro undergoes more leg surgery

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro
underwent another operation over the weekend to replace a plate
and screws holding together his shattered leg.

"Barbaro had developed some discomfort and a consistently
elevated temperature so we believed it was in his best interest
to remove the hardware and thoroughly clean the site of the
infection," doctors at the George D. Widener Hospital at the
University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center said in a
statement on Sunday.

"We also applied a longer cast on that leg for additional

The main fracture sustained during the Preakness on May 20
is healing well but the pastern joint doctors are attempting to
fuse continues to cause concern.

This joint was stabilized with new implants and a fresh
bone graft.

"The recovery process from anesthesia took longer with this
surgery, but Barbaro is now back in his stall in the Intensive
Care Unit," the statement added. "He is receiving pain
medication, antibiotics and other supportive care."

(Writing by Steve Keating in Toronto)