July 11, 2006

Barbaro remains stable

PITTSBURGH (Reuters) - Kentucky Derby champion Barbaro
remained in a stable condition on Tuesday after receiving a
sixth cast since suffering a life-threatening leg fracture in
the Preakness Stakes.

"He's tolerating the new cast well," said Dr Dean
Richardson, chief of surgery at the at the University of
Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, Pa.

Richardson replaced the cast on Barbaro's shattered right
hind leg during a three-hour operation on Monday and also
treated the colt for an abscess in his left hind foot.

"We have changed his left hind foot bandage and that looks
improved," said Richardson. "His vital signs remain stable and
his attitude and appetite remain excellent."

On Saturday, Richardson changed the titanium plate and many
of the 27 screws that had been inserted into Barbaro's
fractured right hind leg during the life-saving surgery
performed the day after the Preakness.

Barbaro suffered the first loss of his career during the
May 20 race when he suffered a devastating mis-step.

The main fracture sustained during the Preakness is healing
well but the pastern joint doctors are attempting to fuse
continues to cause concern.