August 8, 2006

NASCAR sued for racial discrimination

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A former African-American crewman who
once worked on NASCAR's Winston Cup circuit sued the governing
body of the U.S. stock car series on Tuesday for race
discrimination and breach of contract.

David Scott, who worked as a motorcoach driver to one of
the racing teams, claimed NASCAR executives deceived him and
did not fulfill promises of a job following a well-publicized
1999 racial incident involving white motorcoach drivers,
according to the complaint filed in Manhattan federal court
that seeks unspecified damages.

Scott was harassed by at least two white motorcoach drivers
from different racing teams, including being called "nigger"
and an incident where he was confronted by the pair with one
wearing a white pillow case over his head imitating a Ku Klux
Klansman, according to the complaint.

When the incident was reported in the media, the complaint
said, top NASCAR executives flew Scott back home to North
Carolina promising him a future job, but while negotiations
continued over the next five years, a job never materialized.

Scott seeks back pay and compensatory damages for loss of
employment benefits and mental suffering.

NASCAR was not immediately available for comment.