August 14, 2006

Injured Arenas to miss world championship

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Washington Wizards guard Gilbert
Arenas strained his groin on Monday and will be unable to play
for the United States in the world championship, which starts
this weekend.

"We know Gilbert is really disappointed; he's done a great
job," said the club's managing director Jerry Colangelo. "It's
an unfortunate situation but he is not going to be able to
continue on.

"We're concerned because he has had a history regarding
groin pulls. This is a precautionary move but it is important
that he return home and get treatment."

Arenas suffered the injury during a team practice session
in South Korea.

Head coach Mike Krzyzewski must now cut only one player to
complete the 12-man roster for the tournament, which begins on
Saturday in Japan.

Arenas, twice an NBA All-Star, played in all four pre-world
championship exhibition games and averaged nearly four points.