The Tech Nerd Holiday Gift Guide

The Tech Nerd Holiday Gift Guide

Resident tech guru Mark Lee Rollins weighs in on what to get your resident tech guru this holiday season.

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Elon Musks Hyperloop tube train actually in the works

It sounded crazy when Musk released his white paper on it last year--which is exactly why crowdfunding website JumpStartFund jumped on board with it.

Unmanned helicopter takes first flight from Coast Guard ship

The MQ-8B was controlled and operated from a Fire Scout control station located on board the Bertholf by both Navy pilots and Coast Guard personnel.

Future computers will turn on instantly store data in

Ever wished you had a super-reliable computer that used less power and could instantly start-up and be ready for use? Researchers from Cornell University are working on a new technology that could lead to just such a breakthrough.

The evolution of the Nintendo gamepad

Ok, and Xbox and Playstation. Just because we can't stop watching the GIFs.

UPDATE Sony Pictures to receive Christmas gift of secrets

And we're pretty sure they're not a set of new golf clubs.

Could the new nuclear-armed bomber be an unmanned drone

The U.S. Air Force and Northrop Grumman are designing the next generation of long range strike bomber. The question is: Will it still need a pilot?

US Navy employs fully-realistic shark drone

North Korea counters by employing a fully-realistic shark expert--to spot said drone. Ok, not really. But any day now, we're sure.

Warehouse drones are the inventory workers of the future

Forget having to climb way up to the top of a high shelf anymore; flying bots are your eyes in the warehouse skies.

New algorithm makes 3D printing more efficient less wasteful

A new algorithm, developed by computing science professor Richard Zhang of Simon Fraser University (SFU), has enabled the creation of a 3D Christmas tree “efficiently and with zero material waste.”

Vape and culture named words of the year for 2014

According to Merriam-Webster and Oxford Dictionaries, these were two of the most popular words in the English language.

Russian malware SoakSoak attacking WordPress sites

WordPress users beware: New malware is infecting more than 100,000 sites worldwide.

Could Virtual Bodyswapping Help End Racism And

Virtual reality is now for more than just having a good time: It's a cultural experiment.

DARPA Developing Self-Guiding Sniper Bullet

Soon, the good old days of having to look down the barrel and aim may be gone.

Squid teeth may hold answer to biodegradable thermoplastics

Materials scientists are always attempting to develop new thermoplastics, polymer materials that can melt and be reformed without degradation, have been particularly focused on studying synthetic materials. But nature may hold the answer this time.

Like It Or Not Facebook Has No Plans To Add A Dislike Button

Mark Zuckerberg has officially given the thumbs-down to adding a dislike button to Facebook, effectively putting an end to speculation that users of the social network would be able to express their dislike for their friends’ posts.

Quantum Physics Could Offer Solution For Credit Card Fraud

new insights into quantum physics may soon offer a solution for credit card fraud and identify theft

Help US Cope With Climate Change Enter NASA-USGS Data App

NASA and USGS are offering more than $35,000 in prizes to citizen scientists for ideas that make use of climate data to address vulnerabilities faced by the United States in coping with climate change.

Stanford Team Combines Logic Memory To Build A High-Rise

For decades, the mantra of electronics has been smaller, faster, cheaper. Today, Stanford engineers add a fourth word - taller.

Facebook Drops Bing As Its Search Results Provider

Facebook has replaced Microsoft’s Bing search engine with a new tool developed in house at the popular social media website.

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