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Mozilla Appoints Interim CEO After Brendan Eich Steps Down

Mozilla Appoints Interim CEO After Brendan Eich Steps Down Amidst Protests

On Monday Mozilla appointed board member Chris Beard as interim CEO just a month after the last newly appointed CEO stepped down.

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Communication Accelerated With Combs Of Light

Researchers Exploit Optical Frequency Comb Sources on a Silicon Chip for Data Transmission in the Terabit Range

For A Mere 1500 You Can Purchase Google Glass But Offer Only

“It looks like the cat’s out of the bag,” Google announced on Thursday. As of next Tuesday, April 15 anyone – or at least anyone in the United States who is over the age of 18 and who is willing to pay $1500 plus tax – can become a Google Glass Explorer.

Drone Maker Titan Aerospace To Become A Google-Owned Company

Not so fast Facebook. Google just bought Titan Aerospace, a company that makes drones, which Facebook entered into contract to acquire in early March for $60 million.

A Smaller Power Supply Darts In On Kickstarter

Laptops are synonymous with "the brick" AC adaptor, which is often the size of a masonry block. However, a new company using patented MIT technology has a downsized the power supply and has now launched a Kickstarter campaign for further funding.

Windows Phone 81 Ready For Developers

Windows Phone is about to get an update. While Microsoft rolled out Windows 8.1 on desktops and PCs last October, Windows Phone will get its own update later this year as Microsoft has announced the Windows Phone Preview for Developers this week.

T-Mobile Calls For End Of Overage Fees

T-Mobile is calling an end to overage charges, and expects other mobile carriers to do the same. An end to overage charges is what some are calling the "third act" in T-Mobile's uncarrier campaign.

Heartbleed Issue Likely To Linger For Quite Some Time

Sixteen years ago it was almost impossible to escape Celine Dion's catchy – but to many annoying – song “My Heart Will Go On” – and today it is the Heartbleed that will likely go on. It has the potential to be not only annoying, but extremely dangerous.

Rumors Indicate Amazon Smartphone Announcement Coming This

Following years of rumors and speculation, it appears as though Amazon.com will finally announce their entry into the smartphone market this summer.

UK Developers Create Reach-Through Displays For Tabletops

Researchers from the University of Bristol have reportedly developed a new reach-through tabletop display with personal screens comprised of a curtain of mist, according to research scheduled to be presented later this month at an international conference on human-computer interaction.

Wearable Market Grows As The Technology Becomes More

Wearable computing devices have increasingly become more mainstream and the increase in interest is helping the wearable computing market build momentum. Shipments for the year are set to reach 19.2 million, according to a recent forecast from IDC.

Facebook WhatsApp Acquisition Approved By FTC With Privacy

The Federal Trade Commission has given its approval for Facebook to acquire WhatsApp for $19 billion. The regulator granted authorization with a warning that the FTC will be watching for privacy violations.

Facebooks News Feed Is About To Get A Lot Less Spammier

Facebook is putting on a new face on its News Feed, as the long-promised clean-up begins. On Thursday Facebook announced a three-prong plan to reduce News Feed spam by going after so-called “like-baiting.”

New Light Lattice Technique Could Advance Quantum Computing

Scientists at MIT and Harvard University have developed a light lattice that traps atoms, a technique they say could aid in the creation of powerful quantum computing systems.

Thermoelectric Generator On Glass Fabric For Wearable

Wearable computers or devices have been hailed as the next generation of mobile electronic gadgets, from smart watches to smart glasses to smart pacemakers.

Automated Age-Progression Software Shows How A Child Will

It’s a guessing game parents like to ponder: What will my child look like when she grows up? A computer could now answer the question in less than a minute.

Silicon Valley-Based Robot Maker Secures Investment From

Silicon Valley-based robotics company Savioke (pronounced ‘savvy oak’), which is developing a medical assistance robot that could work in nursing homes and hospitals, announced on Wednesday that Google Ventures, the search giant’s funding arm, had invested an undisclosed sum...

Dropbox Introduces Photo Management Tool Carousel

On Wednesday, cloud-based storage service Dropbox unveiled its new approach to organizing and sharing photos and videos. Dubbed Carousel, it is available now via an Android and iOS app, which can be used to organize digital media into events by time and location.

Ads Set To Get Bigger On Facebook

Facebook said on Wednesday that it will enlarge the size of advertisements appearing on the right-hand column of the desktop PC version of its site, and will display fewer of them, in an effort to make more users take notice of the ads.

Parkinsons Patients May Retain Independence Using Google

Researchers as Newcastle University in the UK are studying how Google Glass can be used as an assistive aid to help people with Parkinson's disease. The wearable technology might help patients retain their independence.

New Video Game Controller Can Sense Player Emotions

Stanford University engineers have developed a handheld game controller that is able to measure the player’s physiology and even alter the gameplay accordingly.

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