Ralph Lauren And Athos Enter Wearable Tech Market With New

Ralph Lauren And Athos Enter Wearable Tech Market With New Products

One of the biggest names in fashion is entering the wearable tech industry, as Ralph Lauren recently announced that it had developed a new polo shirt featuring biometric sensors that had been...

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Google Drops Authorship In Search Results

Google announced on August 28 that it had made the difficult decision to stop showing authorship in search results - meaning that author’s names will no longer appear in search results when related articles are shown.

Twitter Opens Up Analytics Dashboard Access For Social Media

If you’ve ever wanted to know just how many people are reading that extremely cool, witty tweet you just sent out, Twitter has good news for you: the microblogging website has made its analytics tool available to all users.

Fire Risk Leads To Recall Of 6 Million Hewlett-Packard PC

Hewlett-Packard Co. has announced a Safety Recall and Replacement Program which affects around 6 million personal computer AC power cords sold in the United States, Canada and online worldwide as a result of reported problems with overheating, melting and a potential fire risk.

Competition For Graphene - Researchers Demonstrate Ultrafast

A new argument has just been added to the growing case for graphene being bumped off its pedestal as the next big thing in the high-tech world by the two-dimensional semiconductors known as MX2 materials.

Symphony Of Nanoplasmonic And Optical Resonators Leads To

By combining plasmonics and optical microresonators, researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have created a new optical amplifier (or laser) design, paving the way for power-on-a-chip applications.

Worlds Smallest Modem Intel Unveils New Penny-Sized 3G

Intel has launched what it is calling the world’s smallest modem for the Internet of Things – a roughly 300 sq mm device that can connect to a cellular network and link to interconnected smart devices.

Pew Poll Finds That Speaking Our Mind On Social Media Is

The hope for social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter was that they would provide such a wide variety of discussion forums that people holding minority views would feel free to express their opinions.

Robo Brain Will Help Robots Learn Skills From The Internet

A large-scale computational system that behaves like a robotic brain - known as 'Robo Brain' - can acquire information and learn skills by processing the text, videos and images from millions of webpages and then apply the skills to perform tasks.

Biomimetic Photodetector Sees In Color

Rice University researchers have created a CMOS-compatible, biomimetic color photodetector that directly responds to red, green and blue light in much the same way the human eye does.

Turn Your Dog Into A Lifelogger With The New GoPro Fetch

Your pet pooch could be the next Ridley Scott, Francis Ford Coppola or Martin Scorsese. A new pet harness allows you to strap a camera on your budding movie-director dog and send him or her out into the big wide world to bring back a permanent record of what they get up to.

Apple Announces iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program

Apple has confirmed that a number of iPhone 5 devices have been sold with defective batteries. The company is offering to provide a free replacement battery for those affected, but only where certain conditions are met.

Facebook Announces News Feed Changes To Discourage

Social media users: if you’re tired of clicking on sensationalistic-sounding news headlines only to be disappointed by the content (or lack thereof) in the actual article, you should be pleased with changes to the News Feed announced by Facebook officials on Monday.

Amazon Announces Surprise Acquisition Of Video Game

Popular video game streaming website Twitch will soon have a new owner – not Google, as previous reports had suggested, but Amazon, who sources say swooped in after the previous deal fell through.

PlayStation Network Back Online After DDoS Attacks Disrupt

Sony’s PlayStation Network was back online Monday following a weekend cyberattack that affected its servers, as well as those of fellow video game companies Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games and Grinding Gear Games.

Majority Of Smartphone Owners Download No Apps During The

If you haven’t downloaded a smartphone app in a while, you’re not alone, as new research from internet analytics firm comScore indicates nearly two-thirds of mobile device users download zero pieces of software during the average month.

Windows 9 Rumored For September 30th Unveiling

Plans to unveil Windows 9 are being kept under wraps by Microsoft, but a preview of the updated operating system in late September or early October is being rumored, with a date of September 30th reported by various media outlets.

What Should You Do When Your Smartphone Or Device Is Lost Or

The smartphone has changed our behavior, sometimes for the better as we are now able to connect and engage with many more people than ever before, sometimes for the worse in that we may have become over-reliant on the connectivity with the outside world that these devices afford us.

Enabling A New Future For Cloud Computing

NSF awards $20 million to two new testbeds to support cloud computing applications and experiments.

Novel Method Can Hack Popular Apps With Up To A 92 Percent

A new security vulnerability in mobile operating systems could allow hackers to gain access to a user’s personal information with a surprising success rate, researchers from the University of California, Riverside and the University of Michigan claim in a new report.

MIT Breakthrough Brings Delivery Drones Closer To Reality

Experts at MIT have developed a new algorithm which lets drones monitor their own health during long delivery missions.

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