Madden NFL 15 predicts Patriots to win Super Bowl XLIX

'Madden NFL 15' predicts Patriots to win Super Bowl XLIX

For the 12th year in a row, Madden NFL predicts the winner of the Super Bowl. This time, they say it's the Patriots' game.

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Google could soon be a wireless provider

Already responsible for one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world, Google is now preparing to take on a new facet of the tech industry: wireless service.

Afraid of your plane crashing Theres an app for that

A new iPhone app could help calm your fears about flying (or make them worse, depending upon the situation) by telling you the odds that the plane you’re currently on will crash.

Smart keyboard knows you

New 'smart' keyboard uses your exact typing patterns as an extra layer of security.

Share your Netflix account Youre now a felon

President Obama has proposed legislation to bolster cybersecurity and increase prosecution of crimes perpetrated via computers. The changes are now so broad that it legally makes something as simple as sharing a password illegal, and you would face prison time of up to 20 years. (Yikes! tell your roommate to stop mooching off your Netflix account!)

A moment of silence SkyMall files for bankruptcy

SkyMall files for bankruptcy as airline passengers opt for WiFi instead of the catalog of wonders.

Tired of telling people youre still single New service helps

Those awkward Thanksgiving Dinner conversations asking, "So when are you going to get married?" will soon be a thing of the past.

The Man celebrates anniversary of iconic 1984 commercial

On this day in 1984, Apple unveiled its iconic Apple Macintosh computer.

Microsoft announces new augmented reality goggles

Yesterday, Microsoft announced their newest addition to the wearable market: the HoloLens augmented reality goggles. We're looking forward to watching Jurassic Park through them.

Water literally bounces off new permanently

Scientists at the University of Rochester have developed a way to create permanently, super-hydrophobic metals through laser patterning. It's one of the most fun things we've ever watched.

A tech nerds somewhat reaching theory behind NFL

Resident tech nerd Mark Lee Rollins looks at the science of deflated footballs, and what could account for such a discrepancy (aside from plain, old-fashioned cheating).

Why Facebook isnt to blame for your bad grades

The more time college students spend on Facebook, the more their grades suffer, according to a new study. Just don't blame it all on social media, yet.

James Pattersons newest book will explode off the shelves

Boom goes the...book? One rich and daring Patterson fan can buy “Private Vegas” for a cool $294,038, but it will explode 24 hours after it’s opened.

Braille-like cellulose helps body accept artificial medical

Pacemakers and other artificial medical implants can often cause medical complications by triggering the body’s natural defenses, but researchers at ETH Zurich have found a way to make these implants more biocompatible by coating them with fabricated cellulose-sheaths.

New semiconductor laser could revolutionize science imagery

Scientists at Yale have created a new semiconductor laser which could significantly enhance image production. The development could mean major improvements in several areas of science and medicine.

RC plane crashes into sea captures cool video of reef

A man who crashed his expensive, radio-controlled plane into the ocean at least got some cool underwater footage--especially of a shark.

Abraham Lincolns cottage digitally preserved with 3D laser

With green laser lights flashing, a team of undergraduate students from Ithaca College traveled to Washington D.C. and captured a digital version of President Abraham Lincoln’s Cottage using 3D laser scanning technology. It sounds like something out of Oceans 12, but in actuality it was just an act of preservation.

Whod win An Apache AH-64 or a dragon

If Thorin Oakenshield and Company had made the trek to the Lonely Mountain in an Apache AH-64 helicopter armed with sixteen Hellfire missiles, Peter Jackson’s "The Hobbit" franchise might not have spanned three films (because it would’ve been directed by Michael Bay and adapted into five films, instead).

Nanobots travel inside animal for first time

According to a new report, researchers at the University of California at San Diego have successfully tested these tiny machines inside the stomachs of laboratory mice.

AI Mario doesnt need your help rescuing princesses

Everyone’s favorite princess-rescuing video game plumber is finally breaking free of controller-based commands and doing his own thing, thanks to a new artificial intelligence (AI) project at the Cognitive Modeling Group at Germany's University of Tubingen.

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