US Air Force wants lasers on aircraft by 2023

US Air Force wants lasers on aircraft by 2023

According to reports, the Air Force wants to equip some planes with laser cannons by the first part of the next decade. (Geek boner.)

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Common foot problems may be prevented with new customizable

The European Union’s DemoShopInstantShoe project has come to the beckoned calls of all the women who have bought shoes that just don’t fit them right. Despite the really weird long name, this project has created a way to make new adjustable female shoes based on a new memory shape composite of leather and Nitinol material.

Measuring stick for human gene sequencing unveiled

This DNA measuring stick can serve as a point of reference for medical diagnoses and personalized therapies.

Single-molecule diodes A major step in miniaturizing

The hope is that single-molecule diode development will mean revolutionary miniaturization for electronic devices with high level functionality.

No waves required with this electric surfboard

Go put Johnny Tsunami to shame.

Mind control prosthetic allows for smooth movement

Erik G. Sorto has become the first person in the world to have a neural prosthetic device implanted in the part of the brain where intentions are made. He has been able to perform handshakes, drink a beverage, and even play “rock, paper, scissors,” using this arm. Awesome!

Britains poo-powered bus breaks speed record

The bus “was an impressive sight on the track. It sounded like a Vulcan bomber – the aerodynamics aren't designed for going 80 mph.”

US Army creates new Ballistic Wallpaper

In the urban warfare of today, even structures with partial walls and ceilings can become a vital shelter to military personnel. While these buildings can provide a hiding place to treat the wounded or set up communications outposts, they are often civilian structures that have not been built to withstand wartime hazards such as explosives or shrapnel.

redOrbit reviews Disneys Tomorrowland

We went and saw Disney's 'Tomorrowland' last night. And here are our thoughts.

Terminator liquid metal antenna created

This liquid antenna could revolutionize mobile device technology.

Meet Arduboy the credit card-sized Gameboy

Arduboy is a credit-card sized piece of game hardware that will play classic-style arcade games created using the Arduino platform. (Plus it can teach you coding, too!)

Your next password could be your brain waves

Forget passwords and even fingerprint identification: What if your devices could recognize you and unlock based solely on how your brain reacts to different words?

Car seat device saves kids left in hot cars

Tragically, about 38 children die each year due to being left in a hot car. It shouldn't be that hard not to leave a child in a car, but many people just forget. This device is programmed to help cool the child and alert emergency responders.

New system reduces mobile gaming data use

If you played Halo on your phone, you would eat up your data plan in a few hours. That would all change with Kahawai, a system designed to vastly reduce data guzzling.

LOreal to 3D print skin

Now, 3D printing will soon be able to generate real, living human tissue as L’Oreal has partnered with bioengineering startup Organovo to print human skin.

Could excessive gaming increase Alzheimers risk

Habitual video gamers have more effective visual attention abilities, but lower activity in the brain's spatial memory system, located in the hippocampus.

Want a new laptop Just break your old one study says

The phrase "you break it, you buy it" is technically relevant here. This study shows that people seem to want to damage their old tech devices to have an excuse to get a new one.

Tiny microbes have power to clean waterways

Could these pollution-busting microbes be a solution for sustainable clean water?

Cellphone bans improve school test scores

Stash that cellphone if you want to bump up your exam scores. That’s the conclusion of a study that found banning mobile phones in schools lead to rise in student test scores.

The hoverbike is coming in 2017

For those who spent their childhood wishing for a Star Wars land speeder, start saving up. With less than two years from the projected 2017 release date for the Aerofex hoverbike, the chance to tear across vast, open landscapes mere feet above the ground is closer than ever.

VIDEO Check out these crazy robotic ants

Anyone familiar with classic science-fiction may have an underlying fear of artificial intelligence. While true AI may still be several decades away, German industrial robotics corporation Festo has created something eerily similar.

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