July 26, 2007

Bonus.Com, the Interactive Family Entertainment Site, Launches Fall 2007, Appealing to Parents and Their Kids

Bonus.com (currently in Beta at http://beta.bonus.com), the emerging Interactive Family Entertainment site for kids and parents, is launching an innovative social media property this Fall 2007. The new site brings kids and parents together in a safe, entertaining and creative playground where they can play side-by-side multi-player games, design web comics and avatars and socially connect with each other through their personal computers.

"With the wide adoption of broadband and social networking, people aren't just looking for content on the consoles anymore," said Bryson Smith, VP of Advertising Sales. "Family and friends are looking for new ways to connect online in safe, trusting environments that provide entertaining and interactive experiences."

Bonus.com now offers advertisers additional features, which complement a Company's brand or product message. Fresh new content, cool two-player games and the site's unique matchmaking system make the new Bonus.com a captivating draw for the entire digital family and their friends.

New site features include:

      --  The Multiplex - allowing users to view streaming video, clips,     trailers, etc. from a variety of entertainment formats including movies, TV     shows, games and music with customized expanding information pages;      --  Bonster Avatars - lets users create their very own Bonus avatar (or     Bonster)! They can choose from a variety of accessories, clothing and     bodies to design an avatar that shows off their creativity and style.     Branded clothing and accessories are a great way to encourage users to     spend time thinking about and interacting with a brand;      --  Comic Book Creator - helps the user develop and share stories using     characters, products, messages and more;      --  Customer Mini-Sites - showcase title and logos including synopsis /     information, custom game or activity, links to audio or video and links to     an official website;      --  Customizable Games - are available by connecting you with the     Bonus.com game development team to create a customized game for each Mini-     Site. These games lift awareness by yielding high visitor retention and     return rates and also generate much enthusiasm about an advertiser's     product;      --  The Fridge - is the virtual messaging hub of the site!  Players can     exchange messages with other players about comics, games, activities or new     trailers in the Multiplex.  A great way to spread the word!      --  Game Interstitials - gain the audience's undivided attention.  These     extra large units are featured while the user waits for his/her game to     load in the background.      

To get a sneak peak at the upcoming interactive family entertainment site, please visit http://beta.bonus.com For advertising please contact Bryson Smith, Vice President, Advertising Sales, at 650-813-0100 Ext. 138 or Bryson at sales dot bonus dot com.

The site will be available in three languages: English, Spanish and Hungarian.

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SOURCE: Bonus.com