August 17, 2007

It’s Very Sinister and I’M Worried Someone Will Be Tricked into Meeting This Person, It’s a Horrible Feeling ; EXCLUSIVE BRIAN’s STALKER HELL


AN internet weirdo is stalking Charity You're A Star host Brian Ormond, the Irish Daily Mirror can reveal.

The star yesterday hit out at the person who has tried to steal his identity with a fake Bebo site.

And now the television presenter is worried fans might be lured into a trap, believing the impostor is really him.

Brian, 27, said: "There is someone on Bebo pretending to be me.

"This has been going on for a few months now and I have been getting increasingly worried about the situation.

"Now this person has even gone so far as to steal photographs of me and my family from my sisters' Bebo sites.

"The person has already been contacted through Bebo by my sisters who have asked him or her to stop this behaviour.

"But this person is still pretending to be me and is sending and answering messages from other people who don't realise that it is a site set up by an impostor.

"My sisters have complained to Bebo four times but nothing appears to have been done.

"Now I am really upset that pictures of my family and my daughter have been posted on this site. It is all very sinister and I am really worried that someone will be tricked into going to met this person believing them to be me.

"It's a horrible feeling and I am very concerned.

"I need Bebo to do something about this straight away."

Brian's sisters Claire and Ciara have complained to the website administrators about the homepage but so far it seems as if nothing has been done to fix the problem.

Brian added: "Claire actually blocked this person so they couldn't contact her but they used another name to take the photos off her site."

Claire said she was horrified to find photos of herself and her boyfriend with Brian posted on the fake page.

She added: "I have my own site, as does my sister Ciara, but since the photos were copied I have made my Bebo page private.

"I contacted this person directly telling him or her that we knew what they were up to.

"I also contacted as many people as possible in his friends list telling them that the Bebo site wasn't anything to do with Brian.

"And myself and Ciara have both contacted the people at Bebo telling them the site was set up under false pretenses.

"I cannot believe this individual has taken family photos from our accounts without consent or authorisation and posted them as snaps on a false homepage.

"My sister complained twice through the abuse service as well but they have sent us emails back saying that they haven't got enough information and things like that. I don't really know what else I can do."

Brian said: "I am annoyed about this whole thing and I just want the people out there to know I don't have a Bebo site."

Bebo were contacted for a comment but a response was not provided last night.

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