August 22, 2007

SLOOH.COM to Open New Remote Control Telescopes in Chile

NEW YORK, Aug. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- SLOOH.COM, the leader in online astronomy, announces a new remote control observatory location in Chile -- opening up the other half of the Universe for live exploration. Slooh builds private observatories at professional locations and connects them to the Internet with patented technology. The Chile site will open the celestial wonders of the Southern Hemisphere to its members in the US, Europe and most of Asia when it launches this fall.

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Slooh is a pioneer in the ever-growing market of online astronomy sources. "The new Google Earth Sky feature is a great new effort to bring the night sky down to Earth with archived, static pictures. It's a virtual telescope, instead of a real network of live telescopes. If you want to see the Cosmos as it happens and take your own pictures, Slooh is the only way to go," says Slooh's CEO Michael Paolucci. also provides live coverage of breaking sky events. When comets or asteroids pass by Earth, Slooh is the proven way for the public to watch these events in real-time on the web. Experts like renowned comet hunter David Levy, interactively enhance the experience with SkyGuide broadcasts. In the past year, Slooh covered the Transit of Mercury, the lunar eclipse, Comet McNaught and several asteroid close encounters with live images -- connecting the public to professional astronomer commentary from locations around the world.

Without the barriers of expensive equipment and rampant light pollution, Slooh empowers people to make their own cosmic discoveries. With teams of amateur astronomers actively looking for supernovas and near earth objects, the Slooh community has confirmed three supernova discoveries since its founding in 2004. The addition of the Chile Observatory will open up a whole new frontier to anyone with the ambition to explore space live.

About Slooh

SLOOH.COM is an online network of observatories, broadcast live through patented technology and easy to use web interface. The flagship observatory, located at the Astrophysics Institute of the Canary Islands, connects members from over 70 countries to the live night sky. Memberships available online and at retail locations nationwide.

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