September 5, 2007

GO Networks Wi-Fi Technology Deployed By Pavlov Media to Launch Downtown Municipal Wireless Broadband Internet Access With the City of Champaign, Illinois

GO Networks, an innovative leader in carrier-class outdoor Wi-Fi solutions and a subsidiary of NextWave Wireless Inc., (NASDAQ: WAVE), today announced the launch of a downtown Champaign, IL Wi-Fi network that provides free wireless internet access to downtown Champaign outdoor cafes and the historic West Side Park.

While larger cities are still in the planning and implementation phases of adopting Wi-Fi technology within their communities, GO Networks and Pavlov Media have made it a reality for the City of Champaign. GO Networks has implemented the advanced Wi-Fi technology that is at the heart of the network, and Pavlov Media provides the network's operational services and bandwidth. Pavlov's triple-play capabilities - delivery of voice, video and data over a common infrastructure -- means that the City of Champaign's network can grow as new applications of wireless broadband are implemented.

"Launching a Wi-Fi network downtown has been a great boost to our community, putting us on par with larger cities' broadband wireless offerings. The positive response from our community has reaffirmed our choice of working with GO Networks and Pavlov Media," said T.J. Blakeman, Champaign's city planner. "We believe that the partnership between these two companies and our city is a testament to the quality of high-tech businesses we are able to attract."

Using existing street lights and traffic poles as mounting assets, the City of Champaign's Wi-Fi network is powered by GO Networks' innovative xRFTM adaptive beamforming smart antenna technology and is serviced by Pavlov Media. Computers with Wi-Fi capabilities can now get free broadband access to the Internet outdoors throughout the downtown area. In addition, with GO Networks' xRF smart antenna technology, Pavlov Media is able to provide superior Wi-Fi performance and coverage while significantly reducing the number Wi-Fi devices required for the area.

"GO Networks is committed to developing advanced solutions, purpose-built for maximizing outdoor Wi-Fi performance and superior economics for our customers," said Oz Leave, president and CEO of GO Networks. "We are excited to work with our partners, the City of Champaign and Pavlov Media, to make broadband wireless access -- anywhere, anytime -- a reality for the entire downtown community."

The new network was completed prior to the return of nearly 40,000 University of Illinois students following summer break.

"This new wireless network is made possible both by the superior technology of GO Networks and by the vision of the leaders of the City of Champaign," said Mark Scifres, CEO, Pavlov Media. "We believe that this network is a model for Wi-Fi network implementation in any municipality, and are particularly proud that the new network will benefit the community of Champaign, our home town and corporate headquarters."

About GO Networks

GO Networks, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NextWave Wireless Inc. (NASDAQ: WAVE), is a global supplier of carrier-class, Mobile Broadband Wireless (MBW) Wi-Fi solutions to commercial and municipal wireless broadband service providers. GO Networks' family of micro, pico and femto Wi-Fi base stations utilize advanced xRFTM adaptive beamforming smart-antenna technology to provide operators the network performance and economics they need to profitably deliver mobile broadband services to customers. GO Networks is headquartered in Mountain View, CA, U.S.A., and operates a large research and development center in Tel Aviv, Israel. It maintains sales offices in China and Germany. Visit GO Networks at

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Pavlov Media is a nationwide triple-play communications and technology provider that delivers customized offerings of high-speed Internet services, digital video entertainment, and telephone services to Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) such as student housing, luxury apartments and exclusive homeowner's associations. Their staff has been recognized for its quick response to customers. Their strategic partnerships with companies such as AT&T, Cisco Systems, InfiniSys, D-Link, Thomson and HP allow Pavlov Media to deliver the best options for Internet, television, and telephone communications. Mark Scifres founded Pavlov Media in 1992, which has become the longest-running successful MDU broadband provider in the country. More information at

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NextWave Wireless Inc. supplies a broad range of advanced mobile broadband and wireless multimedia products and technologies to many of the largest mobile device manufacturers, network equipment suppliers, and wireless service providers in the world. NextWave's products include WiMAX/Wi-Fi semiconductors, TD-CDMA mobile broadband systems, wide-area Wi-Fi networks, and device-embedded multimedia software solutions. The company develops and markets its products through its family of world-class operating companies which include NextWave Broadband Inc., PacketVideo Corporation, IPWireless, and GO Networks, Inc. NextWave's extensive portfolio of licensed spectrum holdings include nationwide spectrum in the U.S., Germany, and Switzerland. The company intends to make its spectrum available to customers of its advanced mobile broadband products and solutions. NextWave Wireless is headquartered in San Diego, California, U.S.A., and has offices in over a dozen countries. Visit NextWave Wireless at