November 25, 2004

OY MODILIS LTD Announces Breakthrough Development of Industrialised Lightguides With Controlled Viewing Angles, and Introduces the World’s Thinnest Lightguide For TFT-LCDs

OY MODILIS LTD today announced that it has developed a totally unique lightguide with controlled viewing angle for TFT-LCDs, resulting in less display components, and thinner, cheaper display solutions.

There is great demand within the display market for brighter, thinner, and cheaper solutions for digital (video) camera's, mobile phones, PDAs, laptops, etc.

Modilis has responded to these market needs by using its patented, industrialised diffractive optics (DO) solutions, and developing a lightguide solution capable of eliminating the need for the currently used prismatic films for brightness enhancement in TFT-LCDs. These films are a considerable cost factor in today's displays.

"Our team has done a tremendous job in developing this unique product. Eliminating prismatic films has been a hot topic in the display market for quite some time now, and many customers have been eagerly awaiting this development. It seems that the use of diffractive optics was the key to our success, as conventional technologies cannot offer the same level of performance" says Leo Hatjasalo, President and CEO of Modilis.

Modilis will introduce this unique product commercially, in early 2005.

At the same time, Modilis has introduced the world's thinnest, and flexible, lightguide solution, also based on diffractive optics (DO).

This ultra-thin MODILIS-FlexFilm(TM) lightguide (thickness of only 0.075mm-0.5mm) has been developed by Modilis for immediate use in TFT-LCDs (digital video camera's, mobile phones, PDAs, laptops, etc.).

Mr. Hatjasalo continues: "The production of this ultra-thin, and flexible film lightguide, is done via a very fast, and efficient reel-to-reel process. This, once again, means cheaper and better display solutions."

The MODILIS-FlexFilm(TM) lightguide is flexible, and allows for new flexible designs of devices, and for ultra-thin display solutions (especially suitable for clam-shell phone solutions).

It also results in very light display solutions (less weight), and allows for single film lightguide solutions for display lighting, with integrated keypad lighting.

As always, both of these latest lightguide solutions from Modilis, also boast excellent brightness, uniformity, and white balance, made possible with the use of modulated diffractive optics (DO).

About Modilis

Oy Modilis LTD is a leading-edge technology company in the field of diffractive optics, with expertise in electrical, material and diffractive optic engineering.

In the late 1990's, Modilis globally patented its diffractive optics solutions for backlights and display lightings, and industrialised the world's first backlight based on modulated diffractive optics.

Since then, Modilis has successfully developed and commercialised lightguide solutions for displays, to be used in the watch, telecom, portable PC, automotive, and general lighting market segments.

Modilis' mission is to develop, industrialise and commercialise totally unique, and significantly more efficient backlight-system solutions for TFT-LCDs, based on modulated diffractive optics and nanotechnology.

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