November 26, 2004

[email protected]: Get the Graphic Details

AS PCs have become more powerful, software has become more sophisticated - and the graphics controller has become an important component.

It's responsible for converting the electronic data that flows through the processor into the picture that appears on the monitor.

It may be built into the PC, or come on a separate card inside the computer case.

Today's graphics-intensive, multimedia software, like games, DVDs and video or photo-editing applications, place a strain on the PC's processor. The graphics controller comes to the rescue by handling the millions of calculations per second necessary to control colours and movement on the screen.

Some graphics cards also incorporate built-in TV tuners so you can watch TV or TV-out for displaying games on a larger TV screen.

128MB of memory is good enough for most purposes but for the ultimate in games-playing quality, look for systems with 256MB. And for speed and expandability, look out for systems with the new PCI- Express graphics cards.

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