September 13, 2007

Research and Markets : Oil Refining Catalysts Market: Companies, Products, Applications, Catalyst Supports and U.S. Outlook

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Oil Refining Catalysts Market: Companies, Products, Applications, Catalyst Supports and U.S. Outlook to their offering.

The largest market of oil refining catalysts is U.S.A. In this U.S.A, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a new standard for sulphur content in on road diesel fuel called ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD). This made refining process more sophisticated and developed space for new catalyst production. Keeping these data in mind it was necessary to develop new technologies so as to increase gasoline production. This made oil refining catalyst producer to face a lot of competition. Companies like Albemarle, Sud Chemie, UOP, and Akzo Nobel bring up some scientific breakthrough in their research with refining catalysts and their supporting technologies

This research focuses on oil refining catalysts companies, types of the catalysts they are manufacturing, trade names of the catalysts, and their prices. Focuses are on future catalysts market in USA and the growth prospect. This report describes available composition of the catalysts, which includes CoMo, NiCoMo, NiMo CuO, ZnO, Pt, Pd, Alumina and Zeolite-based catalysts. This report includes 30 different oil refining catalysts companies in USA, companies involved in loading and unloading of the catalysts and its regeneration. Net sales and profit is also shown in the report.

Content Outline:

1. Introduction

2. Oil Refining Catalyst Manufacture's Product Overview:

3. Catalyst Type/Application

4. U.S. Oil refining Catalyst Production Trends, 2004 - 2007

5. Oil Refining Catalyst Support Manufacturer

6. Major Catalyst Manufacturer's Activity and Strategy

Appendix A: Future Predictions

Appendix B: Exclusive Research Papers on Refining Catalysts

Appendix C: List of Distributors:

Appendix D: Appendix List of Catalyst Handling Companies

Appendix E: List of Regenerated Catalysts Maker

Companies Mentioned:

- Air Products and Chemicals

- Akzo Nobe

- Albemarle Catalysts


- BP Oil

- CD Tech

- Chevron Lummus Global LLC

- Coastal Chemical Company

- Criterion Catalysts & Technologies

- Crosfield

- Davison Catalyst

- Degussa Corporation

- Engelhard Corp.

- ExxonMobil Reseach Engineering

- Haldor Topsoe Inc.

- Headwaters Technology Innovation Group

- IFP/Axens

- Intercat Inc.

- Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.

- Johnson Matthey's

- Merichem

- Neste Petroleum Inc.

- PQ Corp.

- Shell Chemical


- Total Petrochemicals USA, Inc.

- Tricat Catalyst Technology

- Unicat Catalyst Technologies, Inc.


- Zeolyst International Criterion & Technologies

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