November 29, 2004

Vignette, Sun Microsystems and DaimlerChrysler Consult Graz Deliver Smart Enterprise Services

Leading Vendors Collaborate to Develop Full Information Lifecycle Management Solutions And Services for Organizations Worldwide

Vignette Corp. (Nasdaq:VIGN), Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq:SUNW) and DaimlerChrysler Consult Graz (DCCG) GmbH, a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler, today announced a collaboration to provide smart enterprise services that deliver complete information lifecycle management applications, infrastructure and services. This initiative is in response to high worldwide customer demand for enterprise content management (ECM) solutions that drive business efficiency and ensure that business processes meet regulatory compliance.

Organizations - from multinational enterprises to small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) - will be able to utilize state-of-the-art facilities at DaimlerChrysler Consult's earthDATAsafe center for organizational security in Austria to design, evaluate and optimize proof-of-concept ECM solutions consisting of Vignette(R) content management and portal software based on an infrastructure of Sun's Solaris(TM) OS based systems, storage and software products. This facility can be used remotely or through on-site visits and will be based on Sun's comprehensive Authorized iForce(SM) Solution Center program, which leverages the integrated efficiency solutions with service-level agreements (SLAs) and improved total cost of ownership (TCO).

The alliance will focus initially on serving customers in Central Europe, with a view to leverage expertise from the partner consortium to expand the industry-leading offering worldwide. Vignette, recently included as a leader in Gartner Inc.'s 2004 ECM Magic Quadrant, will provide content management, portal and integration software from its flagship Vignette(R) V7 suite.

Sun Microsystems will provide the IT infrastructure for the deployment of the Vignette V7 suite with the Sun Content Infrastructure System, an integrated, tiered platform for ECM. The Sun Content Infrastructure System is the industry's first fully integrated solution, built on Sun Fire(TM) SPARC(R) processor-based systems, Sun StorEdge(TM) multitiered storage (disk and tape), built-in storage area network (SAN) fabric, and optionally the Sun Java(TM) Enterprise System. The Sun Content Infrastructure System is available in departmental, enterprise and large-system configurations that simplify difficult infrastructure decisions. The Sun Content Infrastructure System provides integrated content archiving, backup, restore, high-availability and compliance-ready features for the Vignette V7 application.

The Sun Content Infrastructure System runs on the Sun Solaris(TM) operating system - and will support the recently launched Solaris 10 Operating System in the future.

The end-to-end system provides lower TCO, and stronger business continuity and secure compliance, while accelerating the deployment of Vignette V7 applications for information lifecycle management.

Together with Sun and Vignette, DaimlerChrysler Consult Graz will provide expert consultancy that enables customers to minimize TCO from these integrated solutions. In addition earthDATAsafe, SunTone(SM) Certified and serving as an Authorized iForce Solution Center, will host these technologies for customer workshops, pilots or proofs of concept.

"The information lifecycle is a complex and valuable business process that organizations worldwide are attempting to automate to enhance business efficiency and ensure compliance," said Conleth O'Connell, chief technology officer at Vignette. "By combining the software application expertise of Vignette, Sun's Content Infrastructure System and Daimler Chrysler Consult Graz's consulting experience, our customers and prospects will benefit from some of the most sophisticated integrated ECM solutions available today. This is particularly ideal for organizations in the financial, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, utilities and government sectors with specific regulatory needs in audit and transaction traceability."

"Against the background of our long and successful alliance, DCCG is an ideal partner to run the new Authorized iForce Solution Center and to help our customers with a profound expertise to build, test, deliver and implement ECM solutions on integrated Sun servers, storage and software," said Donatus Schmid, Country Manager Austria, Sun Microsystems. "The Sun Content Infrastructure System, the Sun Java Enterprise System and the Vignette V7 suite of products integrated with DCCG's expertise and experience best meets the needs of our customers. This alliance is much needed for a region like Central Europe, and has the potential expand far beyond into the broader global market."

The collaboration extends long-standing relationships between the three companies. Their compound offering builds upon successfully deployed customer projects around the Vignette V7 enterprise suite, infrastructure solutions and managed services.

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